Acai Berry Detox

Acai Weight Loss Benefits – Youthfulness & Health in a Tiny Berry

Acai Berry DetoxMaybe you won’t find the Acai berry detox diet on the top 10 list at the local bookstore, but many people from around the world have used this tiny purple berry to lose weight, flush their system of toxic waste, and revive their youthful energy. The powerful health benefits of the Acai berry come mainly from its high level of antioxidants.

While the human body depends on oxygen, the process of oxidation inside cells can lead to heart disease and many other life threatening conditions, cancer included. Antioxidants such as what you get from the Acai berry naturally combat oxidation and protect the cells from these very dangerous health problems.

The Acai berry is also very effective at cleaning out the body so waste doesn’t accumulate and lead to other health problems. It has also been proven to speed up the process of weight loss by giving the metabolism a much needed boost. Also, antioxidants are a great weapon against premature signs of aging on the skin, which is yet another benefit to taking an Acai berry detox supplement.

While you can’t take an Acai berry detox supplement and expect it to take off excess pounds all by itself, you can take these supplements and expect your weight loss results to be maximized. You can also expect to feel cleansed and youthful after taking them consistently even for a short period of time.

There are quite a few Acai berry detox supplements on the market today, but you want to make sure you pick one that is pure with a high concentration of the berry. To help you find what will work best for your body, consider a brief review of the top three. These are among the best Acai berry detox supplements on the market today.

Acai Berry Detox/Detox Plus Combo Pack Review

Acai Detox & Colon Cleanse Combo
Certified? – Yes
Side Effects? – None
Medically Approved? – Yes
Money-Back – Yes 30-day

This is actually a combination of a pure Acai berry supplement and the Detox Plus colon cleanser. You can purchase these supplements in a combo pack that will save you a bit of money. The Detox Plus colon cleanser will completely wash any stored waste from the body while the Acai Berry supplement delivers powerful antioxidants and other nutrients.

The result is a mega boost to your body systems. You will feel cleansed and energetic while burning fat at a higher rate and protecting your cells from potentially deadly health conditions.

If weight loss is your goal, you can’t go wrong by using this combo pack of supplements on a daily basis. This is undoubtedly the best buy in the Acai berry detox market today.

Buy Acai Detox Combo Pack For Maximum Weight Loss

Acai Detox Plus

acai plus
Certified? – Yes
Side Effects? – None
Medically approved? Yes
Money-back – Yes 30 days

My second pick is of the Acai Detox Plus products. The regular Acai Plus supplement contains 100% pure Acai berry and will deliver all the powerful benefits you could expect from the berry. There is also an Acai Plus Fat Burner supplement that combines the powerful benefits of the Acai Berry with green tea.

Green tea is one of the most effective fat burners on the market today, and it makes a powerful partner with pure Acai. This is a great product if you are working out regularly and eating healthier in order to lose weight. Your results will be enhanced as long as you take your supplement on a routine basis.

Note that Acai Detox Plus is very different from supplements that blend Acai berry with a variety of other ingredients. Pure Acai berry detox supplements deliver a higher concentration of the berry, which means you will see greater results from taking them. When comparing with other supplements that include Acai, make sure you are only comparing with those offering 100% pure Acai berry in high concentration.

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Pure Acai Berry Max

pure acai berry
Certified? – Yes
Side Effects? – None
Medically approved? – Yes
Money-back – 180 days

My last top recommendation would be for this freeze dried, pure Acai supplement. This is a super strength supplement designed to help accelerate weight loss so you get better results in a shorter period of time, with a 1500 mg of acai berry, noting else.

The advertised claim for this supplement is that you can lose up to 5 pounds a week. That may not happen every week for every user, but the 1-5 pound a week projected weight loss is entirely reasonable and healthy. If you are watching what you eat or exercising, you could see an even greater weight loss some weeks!
This is an affordable supplement that delivers a high concentration of freeze dried, pure Acai berry. It is in the same category as the Acai Detox Plus supplement, since it uses the berry in a pure form rather than diluting it with a variety of secondary ingredients.

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A Note in Closing…

Taking a pure Acai berry detox supplement is the easiest, most cost effective way to accelerate your weight loss results and cleanse your body. You deserve to look and feel better than you do right now…but you have to select your Acai supplement with care. You don’t want products that throw in a lot of secondary ingredients that aren’t very effective just because they are cheaper. A pure, high concentration Acai supplement is the only way to deliver the results you want and deserve.

The best product on the market right now is the Acai Berry Detox and Detox Plus colon cleanser combo pack. These two supplements are all you need to jumpstart your metabolism and get the fat burning off your hips and thighs fast! There aren’t many Acai supplements that can deliver the fat burning and detox benefits that you get from this combination.

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Pure Acai Berry Max

PureAaciBerry Max - Photo by reviewer

Pure Acai Berry Max appeared on the market during the “free-trial era” in acai berry distribution that emerged as the amazing superfood was featured and discussed by the world-famous Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray.

Pure Acai Berry Max was and still remains one of the 5% of supplements that don’t attract people by outrageous claims and fake celebrity endorsements, yet contain 100% organic freeze dried acai berry and are certified and distributed by a trusted online vendor located in the UK.

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How PureAcaiBerry Max works

The product is certified to contain 1500 mg of pure freeze dried acai berry, harvested in the Amazonian forests of Brazil, where acai pulp origins from. The dosage of acai berry has been scientifically proven to bring the following benefits to people:

  • Weight Loss of 1 to 5 lbs per week
  • Antioxidant enrichment – protecting our body cells from ageing and intoxication
  • Hair and skin improvement
  • Body detox and cleansing
  • Vitamins and minerals enrichment
  • Energy levels increasing

One of the reasons why PureAcaiBerry Max is staying on the market while hundreds of other so called “acai berry” pills come and go is exactly in the authentic and properly formulated dosage of acai berry.

In fact, most of acai berry pills contain acai extract that makes absolutely no effect on people, because there’s a tiny fraction of acai berry needed for your body to experience all the benefits of this amazing plant.

Only freeze-dried acai berry, or acai juices are recommended as sources of organic acai pulp that works. Since acai juices contain lots of sugar, it’s not recommended for diabetics and people restricted for sugar taking.

Any Side Effects?

Pure Acai Berry Max comes in a form of pill with a 1500 mg of acai berry, no additives. So there are no side effects involved in taking this product. The product is known to have over 90% reorder rate due to increasing popularity and positive effects on customers.

Where To Buy Pure Acai Berry Max?

AcaiBerryMax is distributed online from a legitimate vendor, and every purchase is covered by a full 180 days guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you get your money back. Currently 5% off the price coupon is available, please use this to get a 5% discount off any orderACAI5.

Ready To Lose Up to 5 Lbs Per Week? Get Pure Acai Berry Max

DetoxPlus Colon Cleanser Review: What’s Hiding Inside Your Body?

detox plusYou have probably thought about toxins in the air and water from an environmental standpoint at some time in your life, but what about these things from a personal standpoint? Have you ever thought about what your tap water could be doing inside your body besides quenching your thirst? Have you given any thought to what toxins may be trapped inside your body due to the air you breathe or the food you eat?

If these things do worry you, then the idea of cleansing the colon and detoxifying the body are probably not new to you. You may just be looking for the best, gentlest and most effective way to do this.

If you have never thought much about toxins being trapped inside your body, then this will be an eye-opener for you. When you drink tap water, walk outside and breathe in the smog, or pop one of those convenient instant dinners in the microwave for lunch, you are presenting unnatural toxins into your body. Over time these toxins can collect inside your colon and other organs, increasing your chances of developing cancer and other diseases.

You are more likely to get sick with every bug and virus that comes around when your body is filled with toxins and you may feel bloated or have digestive tract problems.

That is why DetoxPlus colon cleanser was created. It is a very effective formula with many natural ingredients proven to clean the colon of these toxins so you feel much better in just one month!

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DetoxPlus Advantages

detox plus capsulesWhen you cleanse your colon with DetoxPlus you will feel less bloated and a sense of refreshment and cleanliness should come over you. This is gained over the course of the month, with two 15 day phases. The first phase requires you to take more of the DetoxPlus formula to get things rolling while the second phase cuts the dose back for continued benefit and just to finish up the job and make sure nothing is left trapped in your system.

The ingredient list includes lots of natural substances that you may already be familiar with and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of negative side effects with this product. The formula is gentle and most people can take it comfortably.

If you are actively working to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle so you feel good, using DetoxPlus once or twice a year will make it easier to reach those goals.

The DetoxPlus formula is even vegetarian friendly!

DetoxPlus Disadvantages

While DetoxPlus is safe for most people, you shouldn’t take it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You may also want to clear it with your doctor if you are taking prescription medications that are prone to interacting with natural herbs. Those things are pretty standard for all colon cleansing and detox products, not just this one. You have to use it with common sense and a general mind for safety.

Some people look to detox products for instant rewards, so they are a bit unsatisfied when they realize that DetoxPlus works over the period of 30 days. You have to understand that this is a safe, extremely effective product that will show results before the end of the month. You need those 30 days for it to completely run its course inside your system, but you will start feeling better and much lighter in less time.

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Acai Plus Review: Acai Berry Enhanced for Maximum Fat Burn, Metabolism Boost

acai plus capsulesThere has been a lot of talk about how Acai berry can help with weight loss by boosting your energy levels, increasing your metabolism, and increasing the rate of fat burn in your body. While it’s true that these tiny Brazilian berries can do that when consumed in a higher concentration on a routine basis, the best way to enhance these benefits is to mix the following ingredients with Acai Plus capsules:

  • Green Tea
  • Guarana Seed
  • Chromium Polynicotinate

These are the ingredients found in the Acai Plus supplement. Each was carefully chosen because of its proven ability to stimulate the metabolism for greater energy levels and enhance fat burn.

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The Power of Acai Plus

Green tea and chromium polynicotinate have been used in weight loss and health supplements for many years because of their influence on metabolic rates and their ability to enhance fat burning inside the body. When combined with Acai berry they dramatically increase the amount of metabolism boost and fat burn you can achieve. This means greater energy levels and a much easier time trying to lose weight.

Guarana seed is used as a source of strong caffeine in this formula. Some people don’t like the idea of loading up on caffeine to get an energy boost, but when you can do it with a completely natural, healthy substance like guarana seed, it can give you the pick-up needed to make it through grueling workouts or just a grueling work day, without typical side effects of pure caffeine.

Acai Plus is a supplement with only 100% pure Acai berries, but that doesn’t mean it is any lower in quality than 100% Acai supplements. You still get your Acai berry fix in this formula, but it is enhanced with these other substances that will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster.

This formula is definitely geared toward people interested in accelerated weight loss results. Some pure Acai berry supplements are aimed at greater overall health, but there are clear advantages to using Acai Plus if your goal is to lose weight, improve strength and muscle tone, or just raise the energy levels so you feel better in your daily life.

Getting Healthy with Acai Plus

buy acai plusThe great thing about Acai Plus is you can boost your metabolic speed which will result in greater rates of fat burn even if you aren’t aggressively exercising or eating the healthiest possible foods. A healthier lifestyle will definitely enhance your weight loss results so they are faster and more satisfying, but you can raise your metabolism even if you are just relaxing on the couch or playing with the kids.

This is one thing that many health experts don’t like about supplements like Acai Plus. Some people will take them without changing their lifestyle for the better, expecting overnight results. You have to come to a supplement like this with clear expectations. While Acai Plus can boost metabolism and fat burn rates no matter how active you are, it will always work best if you are also trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Other than that, there are no criticisms or complaints against Acai Plus. This is a safe supplement for most people to take and it combines well known ingredients that most people have at least heard of before. This is a supplement you can trust to enhance your health and weight loss results. It’s 100% certified for pure Amazonian acai berry, and is distributed online via an authorized store –

1 month supply comes for $59.99 while there’s a discount on 4-months supply that you can buy only for $199.99. All order are safe and covered with 100% money-back guarantee.

Buy AcaiPlus Direct From Official Online Store

100% Pure Acai Review: Purity Guaranteed!

pure acai reviewThere are a lot of Acai berry supplements that claim to practically heal all the ailments of your body all on its own. They claim to fight off cancer and heal heart disease while helping you lose tons of weight practically overnight. Many of these supplements are taken faithfully for a period of time by people who see absolutely no results, get frustrated, and throw them in the trash.

Does this mean Acai berry pills don’t work? Or course not! It just means too many people look at the claims of a pill manufacturer rather than looking at what is actually in the pill. The pill will speak wonders if you just give it a voice and read the ingredient list.

When you take 100% Pure Acai, you are taking pure Acai berries that have been harvested and immediately freeze dried and processed into capsules. This is the best method for harvesting Acai berries, since they do not last very long fresh once picked from the palm trees deep in the Amazon forest in Brazil.

Visit 100% Pure Acai Official Site

The difference between 100% Pure Acai and many of the other Acai supplements on the market is the level of purity. Too many supplements use just enough Acai berry to legally claim their supplement is an Acai product, but then the rest of each pill or capsule is filled up with side ingredients that are downright useless to the consumer.

Many other Acai supplements also use extracts of the berries, rather than going to the expense of freeze drying freshly harvested berries. Many consumers don’t realize the difference between pure freeze dried fresh berries and extracts, but there is a big difference. Extracts do not have nearly as many vitamins and minerals as freeze dried fresh berries will have. You will always get more nutritional and healing value from a freeze dried, pure Acai product. Pure Acai contains 700mg Pure Acai Berry Per Capsule, no fillers. The acai used in this product is Certified, unlike 99% of other acai supplements.

Purity is definitely what makes 100% Pure Acai stand out on the market today. Most people around the world cannot take advantage of fresh Acai berries, so taking a pure source like this is the next best thing.

Another benefit of using 100% Pure Acai is affordability. You can choose to purchase just one bottle at a time if you want, but there are some great bargains to be found with their multiple bottle deals. You can stock up on enough Acai berry to last you months and save quite a bit of cash just by purchasing multiple bottles. The cost per 30-day supply is $39.99 and most of savings come with the 4-month supply of Pure Acai that you can purchase for $129.99.

One thing some consumers don’t like about 100% Pure Acai is they do not offer a free trial. This may seem like a disadvantage to many because they cannot try the product without any risk before making a purchase, but when you look closely at the free trial offers seen with other products you realize that you aren’t getting such a great deal with those offers anyway. Most will sign you up for automatic shipment of their product every month and it is incredibly difficult to cancel that service if you don’t like the free trial product. Pure Acai is distributed solely via the authorized USA distributor – only this site provides with with the bulk order discounts and full 30-day money-back guarantee.

You get what you want with 100% Pure Acai, and that more than makes up for the lack of free trial period for most users.

100% Pure Acai – 1 Month 100% Pure Acai – 2 Months 100% Pure Acai – 3 Months
Was $64.49 – Now $39.99 Was $96.59 – Now $69.99 Was $144.89 – Now $99.99
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Where to Buy Acai Berry – How to Do It Safely

buy acai berry safely

Evolution Slimming Office - UK-based trusted distributor of certified acai supplements

You can go to local drug stores and discount stores to find Acai berry products, but you will always find the best prices and the best products online. When you shop online you will have access to a wider variety of products and a wider variety of retailers, all offering the products for different prices. The Internet is the clear answer for everyone wondering where to buy Acai berry supplements.

Yet, when you start searching for Acai berry supplements online you run into another problem. The market online is so huge that it can be rather confusing determining which websites are legit, which opportunities are actually scams, and which Acai supplements will really work. Suddenly the wider selection and choice of products seems like a disadvantage, rather than an advantage.

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The most logical answer for those wondering where to buy Acai berry supplements is still the Internet, but you have to know what you are looking for, and of course what you aren’t looking for.

What to Look For

There may be a lot of Acai berry supplements selling through the Internet today, but you can narrow them down rather quickly by weeding out the ones that don’t have all of the following:

  • 100% pure Acai berry
  • Certification that their Acai is freeze dried (not extract!)
  • Freeze dried Acai berry only
  • Valid phone numbers to reach knowledgeable human beings
  • Secure website for payments

You should move quickly from wondering where to by Acai berry supplements to how to find the best Acai berry supplements. If you weed out the supplements that do not use 100% pure freeze dried Acai or which do not have certification to prove they use pure freeze dried Acai, you will have ruled out a large majority of the supplements on the market today.

Continue to take out those that don’t offer secure websites for payment processing or which don’t offer valid phone numbers to customer service, and you will have whittled that confusing market down to just a few high quality products worth your consideration.

What Not to Look For

So, where to buy Acai berry supplements? The answer here is still to shop online, but you have to be aware of a few tell-tale signs of Acai berry scams:

  • Free trial offers
  • Lack of valid phone numbers/addresses
  • Unrealistic claims
buy acai berry

Only certified freeze-dried acai berry pills - the range from Evolution Slimming

When you come across an Acai berry supplement that says you can lose tons of weight in a very short period of time, turn and run! The free trial offers may seem enticing at first, but when you read the small print and realize they will continue to send you product and charge your credit card automatically on a monthly basis, you see where the scam is.

If you come across a product that has a free trial offer and no phone numbers to reach a real person in the company, you are definitely looking at an Acai berry scam!

If you’re wondering where to buy Acai berry products, you will always make out better if you go online. Just arm yourself with knowledge so you know the best products when you see them.

Currently Evolution Slimming is out top recommended vendor for certified acai berry and detox supplements, offering variety of weight loss supplements.

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The Top Acai Berry Fat Burner

acai fat burner pillsYou know that a high quality Acai berry supplement can boost your metabolism and give you more energy to tackle your weight loss and fitness goals, but did you know there are Acai berry fat burner pills now on the market? These pills deliver even more results because they combine the many benefits of Acai berry with high quality fat burners.

The result is a slimmer, healthier, more vibrant you!

The Benefits of Acai

The biggest advantage to the Acai berry is its super high concentration of antioxidants. You are probably familiar with antioxidants since they are used in facial creams and make-up as well as many weight loss supplements. Yet, there are many other nutritional advantages to the Acai berry that not everyone is so familiar with:

  • Healthy Fats
  • Fiber
  • Phytosterols
  • Omega 3,6 ,9

Yes, you get all of that in the tiny Acai berry! There is great reason that superstars like Oprah Winfrey were among the first to recommend Acai berry to anyone interested in living a healthy life. Each little berry packs more nutritional value than even the prized blueberry.

A pure Acai berry supplement or high quality Acai berry fat burner can protect your cells from cancer, reduce your chances of developing heart disease, and help you speed toward your weight loss goals much faster than you ever could alone. All of that comes from the pure Acai berry.

The Top Fat Burner

Green tea is by far the best natural fat burner in use today. You have probably heard of this since it is used in a large percentage of the weight loss products on the market today. You can even buy pure green tea tablets to boost your metabolism and speed up the rate of fat burn within your body.

While it is highly effective for weight loss, your green tea must be consumed just like your Acai: in pure form. You need pure green tea extract in high concentration to get the most effect.

Putting it All Together

When looking for an Acai berry fat burner, your eye should be on the watch for something that combines green tea with pure Acai berry in freeze dried form. Freeze drying is the most effective way to lock in all of the nutritional value of the berries, but they have to be processed rather quickly after harvest.

To get your search started, check out the Acai Plus supplement. It combines green tea, pure freeze dried Acai, and a few other highly effective ingredients. While this is not just an Acai supplement, there are no useless filler ingredients involved. Each ingredient is included because it has proven to protect the body from deadly disease, boost the metabolism, and enhance the rate of fat burning.

This is a highly effective Acai berry fat burner that will help anyone interested in weight loss or greater health. If you have goals that you have been struggling to reach, Acai Plus will reduce the struggle and help you reach those goals faster.

#1 Recommended Acai Fat Burner – Acai Plus

  • acai plus green teaContains 100% organic freeze-dried acai berry
  • Green Tea for maximum fat burning effect
  • Clinically proven & certified acai fat burner
  • Full 20-day Money Back Gurantee

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Acai Patch vs. Acai Pills: What is More Effective?

acai patchFirst came the tiny purplish berry called Acai, native to the Amazonian forest and cherished by the youthful Brazilian population. Second came Acai berry pills that allowed the rest of the world to take advantage of the age-defying benefits of the antioxidant-rich berries. Third came the Acai patch which allows users to stick on a patch and supposedly receive the benefits of this amazing little berry.

Science always finds a way to reinvent the most successful products on the market, but in some cases the newer products are not nearly as effective as the original versions. That is exactly what has happened with the progression from the Acai berry pill to the Acai patch.

Visit Acai Patch Official Site

Advantages of the Acai Patch

The Acai patch is attractive to those who don’t want to take pills every day. These are people who would rather stick on a nicotine patch to quit smoking than chew nicotine gum. The patch can go anywhere that they go and gives nonstop benefit throughout the day. You may think you are one of these people, but when it comes to the Acai patch you should think hard before making a purchase.

While there are some great conveniences to wearing the Acai patch, you have to consider the many drawbacks before making your final decision.

Disadvantages of the Acai Patch

The biggest disadvantage of the Acai patch is its ineffectiveness. Even though it supposedly leaks the benefits of Acai into your system throughout the day, the concentration is typically too low to match the effectiveness of a high quality Acai berry pill.

acai berry patchWhen you consider the lower rate of effectiveness, you see that the convenience of putting a patch on your arm is not nearly as compelling. When hearing this fact, most consumers will opt to take a daily Acai berry pill that provides a higher concentration of the berry in one quick dose.

Plus, the Acai patch can be rather uncomfortable on your skin. When wearing shorts, skirts and tank tops it can also be difficult to hide the patch. No one wants to walk out the door with an obvious patch sitting on their arm, stomach or thigh!

What are the Alternatives?

Your alternatives to the Acai patch include fresh Acai berries, Acai juices, and Acai berry pills. Unless you live in close proximity to the Amazon forest where they grow naturally, it is impossible to consume fresh Acai berries like you would blueberries. They simply do not last long enough for transportation around the world.

Acai berry juices are typically not pure and don’t pack the high concentrations that are found in Acai berry pills. That leaves you with Acai pills as the most effective alternative.

100% Pure Acai Berry is one of the best pure pills selling on the market right now. It contains 100% pure Acai just as its name suggests, so you don’t have to worry about what fillers are going into your system.

The makers of 100% Acai Berry also have an Acai patch on the market, but remember the patch is not going to be nearly as effective as the pill.

#1 Recommended Acai Berry Pills – 100% Pure Acai

  • acai patch alternative100% Certified Pure Acai Berry
  • No side effects
  • Clinically proven to bring 1-5 lbs per week weight loss
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

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Top Acai Berry Pills – Avoid the Scams, Bring Home the Best

You have heard a lot about Acai berry pills and know all of their benefits, but the market is a lot more confusing than you expected. Your thought you could go online, find something highly recommended through reviews, and make a purchase. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to shop for and purchase Acai berry pills.

There are quite a few obstacles that complicate the shopping process:

1. Acai berry scams are everywhere.

2. There are so many different Acai berry pills on the market and they all make the same claims.

3. Not all products have valid phone numbers with real people to answer questions prior to making a purchase.

4. Some products are more pure than others.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these obstacles to make shopping for Acai berry pills a bit easier and a lot less time consuming.

Avoiding the Scams

There are some very simple ways to avoid the scams when shopping for Acai berry pills. First, don’t give in to the splashy website designs and overly convincing claims made by the vast majority of Acai berry pills on the market. You will find that many of these websites are near clones of one another because they are set up by the same marketers selling products that are simple duplicates of one another as well.

Also stay away from the "free trial" deals because they are all Acai berry scams. They will sign you up for automated services that automatically deduct from your bank account or credit card on a routine basis. It is incredibly difficult to get out of these agreements.

Selecting Acai Berry Pills

buy acai berry pillsIt is very easy to narrow down the market for Acai berry pills. You are looking for something that is 100% freeze dried Acai berry without any filler ingredients. These products will always be more effective than those that offer minimal amounts of Acai berry.

There is also a big difference between 100% pure Acai berry pills and those that only contain Acai berry extracts. The extracts are not as potent and are often not included in very high concentrations. That is why 100% pure pills are up to 95% more effective than products that only use small amounts of extract.

You want freeze dried Acai over Acai extract and 100% pure is always best!

The best Acai berry pills will also have the following:

  • Certificates that prove their Acai is all natural and legitimately freeze dried.
  • Money back guarantees.
  • Reputable online retailers that can be trusted.

A Couple Recommendations

If you’re guessing that finding the few select Acai berry pills that meet these high standards will be difficult, let us help you out. Here are names for two of the best Acai berry pills on the market today:

100% Pure Acai

Pure Acai Berry Max

Like their names suggest, these Acai berry pills contain 100% pure freeze dried Acai berry, and nothing else. They don’t contain useless fillers and they don’t contain stimulants. They deliver all the benefits of powerful Acai berry without any side effects that may come with other products.

Acai Berry Pure: Does Purity Really Matter?

pure acai berryThere are some Acai berry supplements that advertise their purity while many others simply state that Acai berry is an ingredient. Many people purchase these supplements without giving much thought to the purity, while others are stopped in their tracks wondering if the 100% Acai berry pure products are any more effective than the others that don’t reveal their purity.

It turns out those who are stopped in their tracks with this curiosity are onto something big. Purity does matter when it comes to Acai supplements. 100% Acai berry pure supplements contain a much higher concentration than other supplements. This is because Acai berry is more than just one of many ingredients. It is the only ingredient!

Lose Up To 4 Lbs Per Week With Acai Pure

When you take a supplement that includes some Acai berry along with a variety of secondary ingredients, you never know how much of the formula actually contains Acai berry. This means you are gambling as far as the effectiveness of the product.

In comparison, 100% Acai berry pure supplements contain a higher concentration of Acai berry without any interference from fillers and secondary ingredients. You don’t have to worry about what you are putting into your body because know you are getting all the benefits of the powerful Acai and nothing else.

The Purity Difference

So, what difference does it make if your Acai berry supplement is 100% pure or mixed with other ingredients? There is a huge difference! 100% Acai berry pure is up to 95% more effective than products that contain smaller concentrations of Acai mixed with other ingredients.

That is a huge difference!

Here’s the catch that will really make your head spin: you won’t pay much less for those much less effective Acai berry products than you would pay for 100% Acai berry pure products. If you are going to spend the money, you might as well get a pure product that is going to be more effective.

One Good Recommendation

100% Pure Acai is one of the few Acai berry pure supplements that make freeze dried Acai berry the star of the formula. You won’t find any filler in this formula. Acai berry in freeze dried form is all you get…and that is all you should want!

This is one of the Acai berry pure supplements that are up to 95% more effective than the majority of Acai supplements on the market today. What makes it so much more effective is its purity level.

It’s true that pure Acai products may not be as cheap as those that combine Acai with other ingredients, but consider what you are really paying for. It doesn’t matter how cheap a product is if it doesn’t work!

Order Pure Acai Directly From Official Site – Click Here

pure acai media coverage

Acai Colon Cleanse

Waste is out… Health and Longevity are In

acai colon cleanse comboA high quality Acai colon cleanse supplement can do a lot of great things for your body. It can flush out toxins and waste that may otherwise linger in your system for years. It can also boost your metabolism and energy levels so you burn more fat every single day and reach your weight loss goals in a shorter period of time.

There are two factors at play when you take an Acai colon cleanse product. First, we are talking about 100% pure Acai berry that has been freeze dried to lock in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Products that include small amounts of Acai berry along with a variety of other secondary ingredients should not be included here. You need pure Acai in high concentration to get the detoxification and energy boosting benefits you want.

The second factor at play is a good colon cleanser. When your colon is left uncared for it collects waste and other toxins that should be washed from the body. Over time, this leaves you at greater risk for colon cancer and a variety of discomforts related to the digestive tract. You can avoid this by adding a good Acai colon cleanse product to your daily vitamin arsenal.

Selecting Your Acai Colon Cleanse Supplement

There are quite a few Acai berry supplements on the market today, but most of them cannot compete with the benefits of taking a colon cleanser in addition. When selecting your Acai colon cleanse supplement, make sure all of the following factors apply to your final selection:

* The Acai supplement is 100% Acai berry.

* The colon cleanser does not contain stimulants.

* The Acai supplement and colon cleanser are designed to work together.

These three factors are extremely important because they ensure a very high quality for each of the supplements while making sure there won’t be any uncomfortable side effects from taking the supplements together.

The Top Acai Colon Cleanse Supplement Today

acai colon cleanserTo help you find a safe and highly effective Acai colon cleanse supplement without a ton of searching, allow us to recommend the best on the market today: 100% Pure Acai and Detox Plus.

These supplements can be purchased separately, but for maximum results you can purchase them both at one great price. The Acai supplement is a high concentration pure Acai berry product that delivers all the benefits of adding Acai into your diet. You don’t have to worry about purity since it is 100% Acai and you don’t have to worry about effectiveness, since the benefits of this small berry have been more than proven.

The colon cleanser is of equal quality and does not contain any stimulants that may lead to uncomfortable side effects. This supplement will cleanse the colon of toxins and waste so you feel more energetic and much lighter in a very short period of time.

When taken together, these Acai colon cleanse supplements will keep your body in its healthiest state ever. You will feel lighter, smile more, and find it much easier to lose weight and get in shape.

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